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Vickers® ( by Danfoss), one of the most well-known names in hydraulic industry, has become part of the Danfoss family since 2021. Before, it was acquired by Eaton in 1999. Vickers is an extensive supplier of hydraulic vane and piston pumps, valves, controls, cylinders and filtration products. Vickers pumps, motors, valves and other components are found in a very wide variety of industrial, mobile, aerospace, marine and defense applications worldwide.

After Danfoss‘ acquisition of Eaton‘s hydraulics business, we are now thus an official Danfoss distributor

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REM-B HYDRAULICS, being the official Danfoss “Legacy Eaton” distributor for Belgium, can help you quickly and competitively with the following Vickers by Danfoss hydraulic products: valves, pumps, motors and spare parts.

When it comes to hydraulics Danfoss, has a rich history of providing top-quality solutions. Among their offerings, Vickers (by Danfoss), a renowned brand from the former Eaton Legacy Hydraulic product line, stands out for its exceptional range of hydraulic pumps, motors, valves and other hydraulic components.
Let’s dive deeper into the world of Vickers and explore their product lineup a little bit:

Vickers Hydraulic pumps

The Vickers range of vane and piston pumps offers versatile solutions to meet a wide range of hydraulic requirements.

Whether you need high-pressure capabilities, precise control, or variable displacement options, Vickers pumps provide the flexibility to tailor the perfect solution for your application.


PVB Series Piston Pumps:

  •  Fixed displacement, pressure-compensated piston pumps
  •  Available in multiple frame sizes and configurations
  • Features a high-speed response and high overall efficiency
  • Ideal for industrial applications requiring precise control and energy savings.

PVH Series Piston Pumps:

  • Variable displacement, axial piston pumps
  •  Provides efficient and reliable performance in demanding industrial applications
  • Offers a wide range of control options, including pressure compensation and load sensing
  • Designed for high pressure and high-speed operations.

PVM Series Piston Pumps:

  • Variable displacement, inline piston pumps
  •  Available in open circuit or closed circuit designs
  • Provides excellent controllability and high power density
  • Suitable for a wide range of mobile and industrial applications, including construction and material handling equipment.

X20 Series Axial Piston Open Circuit Variable Displacement Pumps:

  • The X20 series represents a high-performance range of variable displacement axial piston pumps.
  • Offers precise control and high efficiency in demanding industrial applications.
  • Features a robust swashplate design and advanced hydraulic technologies.
  • Provides a wide range of control options, including pressure compensator, load sensing, and horsepower control.
  • Suitable for applications requiring high-pressure operation, such as injection molding machines, presses, and metal forming equipment

PVE Series Piston Pumps:

  • The PVE series is a variable displacement, open circuit axial piston pump.
  • Designed for mobile and industrial applications that require precise control and energy efficiency.
  • Features a swashplate design and electronically controlled displacement, allowing for on-demand flow adjustment.
  • Offers exceptional response time, high power density, and low noise levels.
  • Ideal for applications such as construction machinery, material handling equipment, and agricultural machinery.

PVQ Series Piston Pumps:

  • The PVQ series is a variable displacement, open circuit axial piston pump.
  • Designed for industrial applications that require high performance and reliability.
  • Offers precise control over flow and pressure, allowing for efficient operation.
  • Features a rugged construction and advanced technologies for long-lasting durability.
  • Provides a wide range of control options, including pressure compensation, load sensing, and torque limiting.
  • Ideal for applications such as machine tools, presses, die casting machines, and more.

The PVQ series pumps are known for their robustness and versatility, making them suitable for demanding industrial environments. They deliver consistent performance, efficient power transmission, and reliable operation, ensuring optimal productivity and reduced downtime.

TA19 Series Fixed Displacement Piston Pumps:

  • The TA19 series is a fixed displacement, bent-axis piston pump.
  • Compact and lightweight design with a high power-to-weight ratio.
  • Provides reliable and efficient performance in mobile and industrial applications.
  • Available in various frame sizes and configurations to suit different system requirements.
  • Suitable for applications such as aerial lifts, compact loaders, and industrial machinery.



For a combination of maximum horsepower in a small package, high efficiency, serviceability and economy, Vickers “high output” vane pumps are unequalled anywhere in industry!

V10 and V20 Series Fixed Displacement Vane Pumps:

  • Fixed displacement, balanced vane pumps
  • Compact and lightweight design with low noise levels
  • Designed for mobile and industrial applications, such as machine tools and agricultural machinery.

20V, 25V,35V and 45V… Series Vane Pumps 

  • Fixed displacement, balanced vane pumps with high-pressure capabilities.
  • Designed for demanding industrial applications that require reliable and efficient performance.
  • Provides smooth operation, low noise and long service life.
  • Available in different frame sizes and configurations to accommodate various flow and pressure requirements.
  • Ideal for applications such as presses, machine tools, and industrial machinery.

20VQ, 25VQ, 35VQ and 45VQ Series Vane Pumps.

  • Fixed displacement, balanced vane pumps with high-performance features.
  • Offers adjustable flow rates to meet varying system demands.
  • Provides precise control, improved efficiency, and reduced energy consumption.
  • Designed for mobile and industrial applications, including construction equipment, material handling, and agriculture machinery.
  • Enables system optimization and responsiveness to changing operating conditions.

Vickers Hydraulic Motors:

25M and 35M Series Vane Motors:

  • Fixed displacement, balanced vane motors
  •  Offers high power density and excellent efficiency
  • Suitable for both industrial and mobile applications

45M and 50M Series Vane Motors (Codes: 45M, 50M):

  • Variable displacement, balanced vane motors
  • Provides precise control and efficient operation
  • Suitable for various applications, including injection molding and material handling equipment

2000 Series Gerotor Motors:

  • Compact, high-torque motors
  • Provides smooth operation and high efficiency
  • Ideal for low-speed, high-torque applications

Vickers Hydraulic Valves:

DG4V-3S, DG4V-3, and DG4V-5 Series Directional Control Valves

  • Solenoid-operated directional control valves
  • Offers precise control and reliable performance
  • Suitable for applications requiring precise speed and motion control

KCG/KDG Series Check Valves

  • Pilot-operated check valves
  • Prevents reverse flow and maintains system pressure
  • Ideal for load-holding and circuit isolation applications

DG5S4 Series Proportional Directional Control Valves:

  • Proportional solenoid-operated directional control valves.
  • Offers excellent flow control and precise movement.
  • Provides a variety of control options, including voltage, current, and fieldbus control.
  • Suitable for applications requiring high accuracy and responsiveness, such as injection molding and robotics.

KBCG Series Pressure Control Valves:

  • Pilot-operated, pressure-compensated flow control valves.
    Ensures precise control of flow rates and maintains consistent pressure levels.
  • Offers excellent stability and reliability in various hydraulic systems.
  • Suitable for load-holding, tensioning, and pressure control applications.

RV and RVP Series Relief Valves:

  • Direct-acting, spring-loaded relief valves.
  • Provides overpressure protection by diverting excess hydraulic fluid.
  • Available in various pressure ranges and flow capacities.
    Suitable for applications requiring pressure control and system protection.
And of course many more…

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