REM-B HYDRAULICS: the repair shop for all your hydraulic valves

Whatever is wrong with your hydraulic valves, we guarantee a proper handling of all your hydraulic repairs.

REM-B HYDRAULICS possesses all the necessary analysis and test equipment
to repair, overhaul and test a wide range of proportional, conventional and servo valves.

For repair of on-board electronics and electronics in general we work with a number
of select partners.

Moreover, each of your valves is repaired according to factory
specifications tested on our computerized test bench.

REM-B HYDRAULICS provides each valve repaired with a test certificate. Thus, you are ensured that your valve is
perfectly recovered.

  • All brands and all types of hydraulic valves: proportional, conventional and servo valves.
  • Short lead times
  • Modern, computerized test bench
  • Repair of electronics in collaboration with international partners
  • Modular proportional valve blocks in conjunction with AMCA

repair of Hydraulic valves


For more information/enquiries: or +32(0)