BOSCH REXROTH PV-7 hydraulic vane pumps


Need a Bosch Rexroth PV7 vane pump fast ? 

We have an extensive inventory of genuine Bosch Rexroth PV7 hydraulic vane pumps

This could mean that you don’t have to wait longer anymore for your PV7 vane pump requirements. We can get you back up and going quickly with PV7 pumps available from our stock. 

Thanks to their specific design these PV7 vane pumps with adjustable displacement boast a low flow pulsation and achieve very high repetition accuracy with low pressure peaks during the down control.

The noise optimization achieved by adjusting the height adjustment screw provides for a low operating noise. Hydrodynamically lubricated plain bearings ensure a long life cycle.

The axial compensation of the displacer provides optimum volumetric efficiency.

Bosch Rexroth PV7 direct operated hydraulic vane pumps feature a pressure compensated design that improves system performance and efficiency versus fixed displacement pumps. 

These PV7 vane pumps can be used for lower pressure applications wherever there is a critical circuit demand for low noise and pulsation pumps. 


▶ 4 displacements ranging from 10-25cc 

▶ Compensator setting is lockable

▶ Very short control times 

▶ Low noise 

▶ Good efficiency 

▶ Long service life 

▶ Variable displacement volumes 

▶ Maximum flow adjustment option is standard 

▶ Multiple pressure options for each displacement 


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