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One year ago REM-B HYDRAULICS’ online information portal and webshop saw the light of day the for the first time. During it’s one year’s existence REM-B CONNECT has evolved into a comprehensy product database containing over 350.000 product references and 30.000 complete parts lists for producst from the most famous hydraulic brands, like for example BOSCH REXROTH, EATON VICKERS. Ever since, many users from all over the world have registered and gained acces to REM-B’s large product range and broad hydraulic knowledge. This is only the start as we are constantly updating, expanding and improving our online shop and portal.

REM-B Hydraulics and CG Power Systems Belgium develop a test-unit “fatigue” testing of transformers.

Initiatives like ‘Europe 2020’ (which targets 20% renewable energy in the overall energy supply by 2020) and a growing ecological consciousness induce an ever-increasing demand for renewable energy. Sustainable resources in Europe are predominantly produced by wind turbines. The wind that propels these turbines is steadier and more powerful in the open stretches that are indicative of the ocean along the European coastlines. Therefore new wind turbines are almost always constructed on sandy shoals in the sea. Due to the higher intensity of the wind, the ability of these offshore turbines has grown enormously in recent years and it is expected that the capacity will keep on expanding.

The transformers installed in these offshore turbines are exposed to interchanging stress and fluctuating temperatures in the transformer body. These two circumstances cause the electrical isolating coolant in this type of fluid-driven transformer to alternate between heating up and cooling down. As a result of these changes in temperature the fluid will dilate and then constrict, putting stress on the transformer housing and causing mechanical fatigue. To prevent “fatigue” in these kind of offshore turbines, the transformers and their housings are subjected to an extensive array of tests before installation.

Wind farm Offshore - Medium (Small)

Our state-of-the-art test stand will regulate the fluid capacity and the corresponding pressure inside the transformer by pumping fluid in and out of the transformer housing. By intelligently controlling the pumps in a destructive life cycle test, we can simulate the mechanical fatigue the transformer housing will sustain while being operational. These tests will be customarily carried out on prototypes.

Our test stand is also outfitted for non-destructive test programs, which will allow us to perform a quality control on the transformer housings before use in the wind turbines. These tests, where the volume and the pressure inside the system will function as variable parameters, will permit us to establish a flexibility curve. This curve will disclose how the transformer reacts to various conditions. Based on this information you can tell if the transformer housings measures up to the requirements or not.

From the flexibility curve you can also derive the maximum allowed amount of pressure inside the housing During this test the amount of pressure is increased step by step until the transformer housing starts to deform plastically. This point determines the maximum amount of pressure allowed for standard operations in the transformer. This test is executed without damaging the housing whatsoever and can be utilized to inspect the housing quality before it is repleted with the core, windings and liquid dielectric.

Our installation consists of 4 crucial elements: the driving mechanism (composed of 3 pump motor systems), the oil management system, a network of intelligent sensors and a control center from where the installation is managed.

The displacement and pressure are regulated by 3 frequency-driven pump motor systems. We have opted for fixed displacement hydraulic gear pumps.  These pumps are equipped with specific seals and is immune to the aggressive isolating coolant pumped throughout the system. The variable flow rate of the installation has a vast range of 60l/h to 600l/h. This substantial range allows us to test the entire scale of CG production, from small distribution transformers on the side of the road to bigger power transformers in electrical plants.

IMG_2587 (Large)

The system is manufactured for usage with four different types of fluid who are habitually used as a transformer medium. The variable pressure is controlled by intelligently guiding the motor frequency and the electronically driven ball valves. The pressure in the transformer will vary between 300 millibars (underpressure) to +500 millibars (overpressure) during testing. The pressure differences coincide with the pressure differences caused by temperature fluctuation and stress on an operational transformer during extreme weather conditions.

Our testing infrastructure nor the old/new transformers that are being subjected will not be damaged in any way during the tests. Therefore the test should always be performed with clean hydraulic fluid. To prevent corrosion or damage by the use of contaminated oil, we have implemented a high quality filtering system with Bypass Air filtration. The filtering system contains a special filter which is capable of draining the contaminated particles out of the used liquid. It also contains a dewatering installation. Water is not  welcome, not only because it will cause rust in the  hydraulic system but also because of the conductive nature of water. It’s unnecessary to say that water does not belong in a transformer.

IMG_2576 update (Large)

A network of built-in sensors is responsible for control and safety. The amount of pressure is safeguarded by a couple of pressure sensors. The temperature of the fluid inside the transformer and the oil reservoir are under the control of temperature sensors. There are also 2 level-measuring sensors implemented inside the system to measure the level of the fluid in the reservoir and inside the transformer. This will obstruct the hydraulic pumps from sucking in air. This setup will also permit us to discover leaks in the transformer.

The entire test unit is controlled by an electrical drive circuit with touch screen, making it easy to calibrate the parameters.

Flexibility and expandability were the key words during the design of this test installation. This way we are able to expand the amount of volume the installation can pump in the near future. Transformers in offshore application are constantly getting bigger and performing similar tests on transformers on offshore substations and drilling rigs is already a necessity today. Furthermore the provided input channels for the sensors and the programming of the installation are adaptable to future needs,

This installation was produced in july 2015 by REM-B and will be fully operational in the Mechelen branch of CG Power Systems right after the summer holidays.


IMG_2526 (Large)

Distribution Transformers SLIM - Medium (Small)

IMG_2314 (Large)

REM-B Connect Update

REM-B Connect is REM-B Hydraulics’ online information portal and webshop. In service since early 2015, REM-B Connect has received a lot of new features and update in the course of the last months. Below you will find a summary of most important updates:


  • Rexroth A10VG, A7VO, A8VO
  • Eaton (Vickers) PVB, TA19, TA1919


  • Various types of Rexroth pumps and motors
  • Complete with drawings & detailed part info
  • Total number of parts lists is now over 25.000

Need to identify an unknown part? In many cases checking the dimensions can help. We have added a clear list with several part dimensions which can lead you to the right unit code. The files can be found under Literature & Tools or by clicking here.


Our purpose is to make your search for hydraulic parts easier. If you have ideas that can help to make that search even easier, we are happy to transform them into new features on REM-B Connect.


Check it out now

REM-B HYDRAULICS is proud to announce it has successfully  passed it’s annual VCA** audit. Which means we are VCA** certified for another year.

The VCA or in English: the “Safety Checklist Contractors (SCC)” is a management model in the areas of safety, health and environmental protection and is directed in particular to contractors and service providers that operate in industrial work centers and executing security-related work, for example maintenance on production equipment, measures at construction projects, new construction and renovation on plants (e.g. petrochemical industry). A management system according to the Safety Checklist Contractors verifies that organizations and their employees implemented a safety management system and the organization is actively engaged around the safety, health and environmental protection.

We are VCA** Certified since 2012

For more info on VCA (SSC ):

SGS_VCA_2 stars_TCL_HR





REM-B HYDRAULICS is proud to announce the official launch of REM-B CONNECT

A unique online webstore and information portal.

REM-B CONNECT gives it’s registered users access to:

  • More than 200.000 hydraulic products, with nett prices & availability
  • More than 20.000 parts lists, with drawings
  • Product literature & catalogues
  • info on products from leading brands like ENERPAC, EATON VICKERS, REXROTH, HYDAC & SAUER DANFOSS


For more info and to get a first visual impression:

Enerpac HSL Strand Jacks assisted in lifting the Songdo Cable-stayed bridge pylons

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Problem:  Lifting and positioning two 2,000 ton cable-stayed bridge pylons into place. To prevent counter-balance issues, it was critical to erect both pylon sections simultaneously and within a very tight tolerance. Any counter-balance issues would have created a lopsided load and put undue stress on the center pillar. The lack of a good footprint and the approximately 100 meter lifting height made the lift almost impossible for two cranes or another lifting solution. The need to lift from the central point of the structure required a high capacity lifting solution that could raise both sections simultaneously from a central point.

Solution:  Four HSL8500 strand jacks were installed on top of a temporary bent tower and simultaneously lifted both pylons up to their permanent position at 75 degrees. GS monitored and controlled the lift using a computer controlled strand jack system supplied by Enerpac. The whole process was completed in 2 days.

Products: HSL8500 strand jacks, 30kw hydraulic power units

REM-B HYDRAULICS  has the pleasure presenting  EATON’s latest series hydraulic piston pumps for the mobile market: the  X20 series


The introduction of the new series X 20 open system piston pumps with variable flow means a big step forward for Eaton and allows the well-known manufacturer to strengthen its position  within the market of hydraulic piston pumps.

Utilizing the latest developments in hydraulic pump technology, the X 20 series was especially designed for low-to-medium flow rate,-high pressure applications. Extra attention was given to minimize the dimensions during the design phase. This resulted in a very high power/size ratio. Currently, the X 20 series is available with displacements ranging from 28cc to 98cc and the pumps are capable of generating powers from 40kW to 101kW.The X20 offers a lot of power, packaged in a small, compact package. The pump delivers a continuous working pressure of 280 bar making it the ideal pump for a wide range of mobile and stationary applications.


x20 eaton pump


The new X20 design also incorporates many new advances in product reliability. Once equipment is in the field, pump failures can prove to be extremely expensive and costly downtime results. The X20 blends Eaton’s long tradition in providing quality pumps with the latest design and technology methods to ensure long lasting product reliability. The result is a very simple design, consisting of almost 25% fewer parts than previously designed pumps.



Eaton employs a unique system of tools and processes, known as Eaton Business System, to ensure quality development and delivery of the X20 product. These tools and process

include such known methods as Design for Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and ISO certification.

By incorporating the latest advancements in hydraulic pump design and manufacturing, the X20 delivers greater value in terms of power and reliability

See X20 video

Typical Applications

• Wheel Loaders
• Backhoe Loaders
• Tractors
• Harvesting Equipment
Truck and Bus
• Salt and Sand Spreaders:
• Vacuum Trucks
Material Handling
• Aerial Work Platforms
Other Mobile
• Fan Drives

Features and Benefits

• Lower maintenance costs
due to longer pump life and
simpler design
• More engine compartment
flexibility due to compact
• Increased hydraulic power
per displacement
• Greater fuel savings due to
reduced weight and high
efficiency design
• Low Noise resulting from
low weight and optimized
valve plate

ENERPAC – New SFP-Series Split Flow Hydraulic Pumps

The SFP-Series electrically driven Split Flow Hydraulic Pumps are Enerpac’s new solution for multi-point lifting applications and when lifting loads on multiple points, they are a far better alternative to using separately operated pumps. Split Flow Pumps are a safe and economical solution where synchronisation of up to

4% is acceptable and the load is evenly distributed across the lifting points.

The Split Flow Pump has manual valves with joysticks or solenoid valves with a pendant to enable controlled lifting of the load. The load can be lifted simultaneously using single or double-acting cylinders. Depending on the application, the lifting points can be operated individually of simultaneously.


The Split Flow Pumps can be used in a wide variety of lifting and pushing applications, such as lifting a bridge deck, foundation repair by lifting an ancient wind mill, stage lifting of heavy transports, and pushing of tunnel segments.


  • 2, 4 or 6 split-flow outlets with equal oil flow
  • 7 different flows from 0,45 – 4,2 L/min at 700 bar
  • Advance, hold and retract function
  • Rigid protection frame with forklift pockets and lifting eyes
  • Solenoid valves and pressure relief valves and 4 circuit manifold (top picture)
  • Pendant for solenoid controlled valves (bottom picture)

Solenoid valves and pressure relief valves