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REM-B Connect

We have recently upgraded and improved our webshop REM-B Connect.

REM-B Connect is  a unique online information portal and webshop designed by hydraulic specialists for hydraulic specialists.

REM-B Connect is powered by 35 years of experience in the field of hydraulic service and repair.

It is the No. 1 source for spare parts and components, as well as a wide array of hydraulic information,

  • More than 500.000 hydraulic components and spare parts from leading brands, with prices & availability
  • More than 30.000 parts lists with exploded views
  • Technical product information: 
    • Product literature, catalogues & manuals on products from leading brands like EATON VICKERS, BOSCH REXROTH, KAWASAKI, PARKER, DANFOSS & ENERPAC
  • NEW! Keep track of your quotes, orders, invoices and shipments.
  • NEW! Review previous order & quote history to make your life easier.

Interested ?

We invite you to see for yourself and click on the picture below.

How to register/ login ?

If you were already a registered user in the previous version you will have to apply and register again (if you haven’t done this already ).  

You can apply by sending us a mail to , or fill in the contact page on REM-B Connect:

We will of course immediately grant you access after receiving your mail. 



For any questions or inquiries please email


Have you ever noticed a brown sticky substance on your parts when you opened a hydraulic component ?
This is varnish.

Varnish is an inevitable byproduct of many degradation processes in hydraulic systems. It is caused by the the buildup of insoluble soft contaminant oxidation byproducts. These oxidation byproducts are caused by a combination of water, heat and oxygen. One of the main culprits of this oxidation is excessive heat. The heat is caused by static discharge which occurs throughout the entire hydraulic system, causing the formation of varnish. This static discharge causes very hot sparks which create hot spots in the system, which cooks the oil temporarily, degrading the oil, facilitating it’s decomposition and forming byproducts.


Varnish visibile on the end cover
cylinder rod and piston with visible varnish
Varnish visible on hydraulic cylinder rod and piston

So varnish is formed by oxidation byproducts that overcome the solubility of the oil and due to thermal degradation from system hot spots caused by sparking.

Varnish starts as a sticky soft residue sticking to the metal and so preventing the anti-wear additives in the oil from attaching, thereby increasing wear of the component. Debris get stuck in the sticky varnish, causing the wear.

Varnish usually makes its presence known with poor response from hydraulic valves and by the need to replace filters more often because they are clogging up more frequently and this due to sludge and building up of varnish. All of this causes a reaction in the hydraulic system that results in erroneous operation, increased wear on hydraulic valves, pumps and motors, a shorter lifespan of the hydraulic oil due to higher level of oxidation, less efficient operation and increased downtime. Erratic operation of hydraulic actuators is regularly one of the first signs of varnish build-up. The cylinder will appear to be stuck sometimes, but it is the valve spool in the body that cannot operate freely.

How can we help ?

Our service team has a mobile varnish removal at its disposal, contact us for more information !

Our hydraulic service professional will after a thorough research in cooperation with the client, propose a tailormade solution which will fix your problem and which optimises the condition of your oil and the health of your hydraulic system and thus reducing your downtime.

Next to treating your system with a mobile varnish removal unit, we can install bypassfilters which contract the varnish and keeps it out of your system.  

Contact us we’d be glad to help getting your system back in mint condition


For more information regarding our hydraulic field service team click on link below:



We can offer filters that can trap varnish and keep your system varnish free
Our hydraulic fieldservice team


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Feel free to check out our video about pump repair

In this episode we followed the repair process of a BOSCH REXROTH A10VSO Hydraulic variable open circuit piston pump.

You will see the different steps the pump goes through in the repair process before it is carefully packed and sent back to the customer.

We recently received a request from a Belgian precast concrete company to help them with remotely actuating their hydraulic cylinders to open and close the moulds of their concrete pipes. This would save them time in the production process. This was our cup of tea from the start. Our engineers modified a portable cordless ENERPAC hydraulic pump and installed a  EATON VICKERS directional valve and a ICARUS RX MINI receiver on it. Want to see the result of this creation, check out the video !


If you got a (hydraulic) problem, give us call and we’re on it !

REM-B HYDRAULICS has been awarded with being the best ENERPAC distributor BENELUX for the financial year 2018. We would like to thank the whole team for their efforts and performance.


For more info on ENERPAC:


REM-B HYDRAULICS from Beerse has joined forces with the American company ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (ETS) to accelerate growth in the European and global market

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (Memphis, USA), a company specialized in repairing and distributing hydraulic components and also the largest brand-independent distributor of original components and spare parts of A-brands (BOSCH REXROTH, PARKER, EATON…) from the United States recently entered into into a partnership and will coöperate more closely.


This joining of forces gives the group a unique opportunity to grow further and to offer a counterweight to counteract the incoming wave of copy parts that flood the European market,  mainly from the East. Both REM-B’ s and ETS’ customers will benefit from this collaboration. Clients will be able to find an even wider range of high-quality parts (of A-brands) even faster and this at a very competitive price.

REM-B and ETS have direct access to each other’s stock and can enjoy each other’s know-how and years of experience. Together they can rely on the expertise of 90 driven employees and more than 50 years of experience in the hydraulic service market.

This recent collaboration fits in with the strategy of becoming one of the largest distributors of original hydraulic components and spare parts on the world market.

Currently the Belgian company still owns the majority of the shares. From 2020 the American partner will further increase its participation.

For more information regarding the American partner:

REM.B & ETS entered into a partnership in 2019 with the aim of becoming the largest global supplier of original spare parts and components in the hydraulic service market.



Aventics is a leading manufacturer of pneumatic components & systems. The pneumatic engineering company provides products and services for industrial automation, food, packaging, medical & energy technology industries. Aventicscompany also develops solutions for the commercial vehicles, marine, and railway technology sectors.

By integrating electronics, the use of state-of-the-art materials, and focusing on machine safety & the “Internet of Things” (Industry 4.0), the German pneumatic specialist, with over 150 years of expertise, is a true pioneer in applied and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Some of you might still know these products under the name of BOSCH REXROTH, but AVENTICS is a standalone company which has been created from new ownership of the former Pneumatics business unit of BOSCH REXROTH.

REM-B HYDRAULICS has been an official authorized distributor for Aventics since 2017. Feel free to consult us for all your pneumatic enquiries.

For more information please feel free to check out the website:


For enquiries or more information:




REM-B HYDRAULICS launches new online configurator for standard build welded hydraulic cylinders.


Do you require a specific hydraulic welded cylinder ?


REM-B HYDRAULICS now offers the users of it’s online information portal & webshop,REM-B CONNECT, the possibility to use an online cylinder configurator.

This tool allows the user to quickly & easily compose your standard build cylinder and visualize the outcome as you will immediately see a detailed and accurate outline drawing (including the necessary dimensions).

Whether on the go or sitting in your office, this user-friendly online tool delivers immediate access to 2D cylinder drawings & pdf datasheets. Furthermore you will have the possibility to ask for a very specific quote, based on your needs. You can also request a 3-D or CAD Drawing on the same page. These on-demand capabilities eliminate the wait for 2D drawings and cylinder quotations and allow you to work faster and more efficient.

The addition of this online cylinder configurator fits perfectly in REM-B’s philosophy to help its customers in a fast and efficient manner.

Interested ?

Please visit the following webpage and see for yourself:

welded hydraulic cylinder



quickly & easily compose your standard build cylinder and visualize the outcome



More info:


vickers vane

Ever wondered how to change rotation of a hydraulic vane pump ?

Have an hydraulic vane pump on stock, but does’nt have the right rotation ?

You can easily change it and use the pump you have on stock. How ?

Check out this video:


Thanks to our experienced technical expert, Mr. Danny Dufraing for demonstrating the procedure !

Filmed at REM-B HYDRAULICS’ workshop in Beerse.

Thank you for visiting our stand at the Maintenance fair 2017 !